Legal assistance when buying an apartment

Legal assistance in the purchase of an apartment

What to pay attention to when buying an apartment ? What documents do you need to prepare and how does the whole purchase process work? It is worth working with a lawyer who specializes in buying apartments. What are the advantages when hiring such a lawyer?

Buying an apartment with the help of a lawyer

Buying an apartment is definitely a big challenge. On the one hand, a person is happy that he will soon have a new apartment, on the other hand, many are worried about whether everything will go our way. You can ask your family or friends for help, but it is better to entrust everything to professionals: A law firm that specializes in buying apartments.

It is also important to remember that buying a property involves a lot of legal and formal challenges. Or even bureaucratic. If you are not familiar with it, there is a high probability that you will make mistakes. Which later results in serious financial consequences.

It will probably cost you more than a good one A lawyer to deal with the purchase of an apartment.

What to check when buying an apartment?

What issues does he actually help you with Lawyer when buying an apartment ? Lawyers, as qualified professionals, can offer comprehensive legal services in the process of acquiring or transferring ownership of a property. They can help:

– Check the other side. – The first step when buying an apartment before signing a contract sales is to check the seller’s side. In particular, it is essential check before buying an apartment, Whether the seller is the actual owner of the property and to determine the legal and factual status of the property. The contract signed with the developer must be analyzed by a lawyer.

The preliminary or sales contract for a secondary market property should also be thoroughly checked.
– Draw up various contracts, Reserve agreement, preliminary agreement, sale-purchase agreement, as well as donation agreement and other acquisition agreements.
– Provide legal advice on the purchase or sale of a mortgaged property, or a loan.
– Check or approve the documents.
– Prepare applications to the competent authorities and represent you in administrative proceedings.
– Prepare various legal opinions.

It is worth remembering that A lawyer for buying apartments Is legally insured against the damage he can cause to his client by acting professionally.

What else a lawyer can help you with when buying an apartment?

As mentioned above, the lawyer will first focus on verifying the seller. To do this, it checks the data on the seller of the apartment and his credibility. If the seller is a company, the lawyer will check the property situation, histories and reputation of the company. And if the seller is an individual, he will verify whether any additional approvals are needed.

A lawyer will also analyze contracts related to the purchase of an apartment and help you understand such a contract. Prepare a secure contract is the most important stage.

Purchase of an apartment land registry

Important information about the apartment, such as ownership, mortgage burden, right of use, etc., you will find in The land and mortgage register of the apartment. For basic research, all you need to do is to look at the electronic Land and Mortgage Register, which is available within the Electronic Land Registry. On this basis, a comprehensive report on the legal status is prepared, which includes a summary of the contents of the ledger, as well as the apartment itself, the land and the building, and any deviations. In a situation where the contents of the ledger raise serious doubts, it may be necessary to go to the Land Registry Court to check the contents of the ledger on the spot, of which the buyer will be informed immediately.

This happens rarely. In most cases, the electronic form of the land register and mortgages is sufficient.

In summary, the legal protection here is invaluable, because it allows us to make an informed choice without fear of forgetting or overlooking something. An experienced lawyer will help you understand even the most complicated documents and answer all your questions.