What equipment do the watchtower containers have Check out!

What equipment do watchtower containers have? Check out!

Watchtowers are an integral part of construction sites, access roads and housing estates. They are a place where the persons guarding the security of the area officiate. They can be in masonry form or mobile – created from sturdy containers.

See what equipment watchtower containers have and convince yourself of solutions not permanently connected to the ground!

Container type watchtower – characteristics

The watchtower in the form of a container has dimensions of 2435x2990mm. It is a small object that can be set up in any area. Its robust construction allows it to sit on uneven and challenging ground, for example. On a sandy construction site.

Watchtower containers are representatives of modular construction. They can be combined with each other in any way, creating a complex for the entourage protecting a given area.

Watchman container – equipment

Watchtowers of this type can be found in the offer of Polish manufacturers. They consist of a single, minimalist room.

Watchtower containers in their basic version require a 400V/32A connection to the power grid and are equipped with:

  • Two windows with roller blinds,
  • 2x36W lighting,
  • 2kW electric heater,
  • Insulation of walls, ceiling and floor.

These mobile premises can be further supplemented with air conditioning and an ICT system. What is more, companies such as G-con arrange mobile watchtowers on special requests of clients. They offer, among other things, sets of office furniture and cabinets, as well as painting the exterior walls in any color from the RAL color palette.

Mobile solutions

The watchtower containers are just as functional as their brick versions. They are great for all areas that require constant supervision. Thanks to their framework, sturdy construction, they will be suitable for the construction industry. What’s more, compared to classic concrete guard posts, those from containers are cheaper and, thanks to their mobility, can be resold on the secondary market.