With what and when you should mow the lawn

With what and when you should mow the lawn?

With the arrival of the spring season, we can hear the sounds of lawnmowers coming from our neighbors’ grounds outside our windows. As long as it is not done at too early an hour, this is the sound we associate well with the arrival of summer. Most people take care of their lawns, considering that their condition and appearance greatly affects the aesthetics of the house and speaks well of them.

This approach is, of course, the right one. However, in order to take good care of the lawn, it is necessary to acquire basic knowledge on the subject. Contrary to appearances, creating for yourself in the garden a dense green turf is not at all simple and can sometimes cost a lot of nerves.

When to mow the grass?

At the outset, it is worth noting that there are no specific dates when mowing the grass is most advisable or necessary. The lawn is partly our responsibility and will grow as we take care of it. However, it is accepted that the first mowing should take place in early April, provided, of course, that the grass is not covered with a thick layer of snow.

The main point here is that the weather is good, the sun is shining and there is no precipitation forecast.

In the next sequence, mowing should take place not every certain time, but every specific height. We will not, of course, walk around with a ruler and measure the lawn in every place, but we can do it colloquially speaking „by eye”. It is said that you need to mow when the height of the blade of grass is about ten centimeters. This length is shortened by about a third.

We repeat the operation when the grass returns to the same size again. In this way, it will be easy for us to see an improvement in the color of the turf, since too frequent mowing can dry out the lawn.

What equipment we use to mow the lawn?

It is known that a lawn mower is used to cut the grass in our garden. Theoretically, you could end the topic here. Going a step further, however, we start thinking about what type of it will be suitable for us.

On the market we have many types differing in size, method of ejection and, above all, the type of engine.

There are three basic types of lawnmowers, which will be perfect for smaller or medium-sized gardens. There are petrol mowers, electric mowers and cordless mowers. Which one we bet on depends largely on the size of our garden and whether we are bothered by factors such as power cables, emissions, noise or heavy driving.

What for a large and uneven garden?

Probably each of us, seeing people mowing with such equipment, says to himself that he would be happy to ride such equipment himself. We are, of course, talking about such devices as garden tractors . Their popularity has grown by being able to mow huge areas while sitting back and enjoying it at the same time. Mowing the turf with such a tractor, time passes so quickly that we regret the ending surface.

When it is impossible to mow hard-to-reach areas, petrol scythes are often used. Their presence is also very important to us, due to the fact that we do not have to tear out the grass and have easy access to any place.