What documents are needed when renting an excavator

What documents are needed when renting an excavator?

Construction equipment rental is a convenient form of temporary acquisition of machinery, the cost of which – if purchased – would be unbearable for most companies, or individual investors. Unfortunately, this method is subject to additional formalities, which usually consist in the presentation and completion of certain documents.

Renting an excavator by an individual customer

An individual customer who intends to rent construction equipment must present his identity card and, most often, a second document with a photo. Some companies offering e.g. Renting an excavator, they may require additional documentation, in the form of bills paid by the customer. Why it is so important?

Thanks to the presented receipts, the rental company can confirm the personal information of the client and also be sure that he will pay all debts on time.

Excavator rental by the company – what documents are worth having?

If a company decides to rent construction equipment, most often it will delegate one of its employees to obtain it. It will have to present:

– rental authorization in his name,
– document certifying the existence (registration) of the enterprise,
– named authorization to invoice the client company.

If the equipment rental is handled solely by the owner of the company, it will be necessary to present only an identity document (optionally a second document with a photo) and also a certificate of company registration.

Equipment rental – what’s next?

Of course, after a certain time, these formalities are simplified somewhat, which, of course, involves a reduction in the number of documents needed and a shorter turnaround time. It is worth remembering to prepare additional funds for a deposit (depending on the value of the machine) before finalizing the transaction and also take care of auxiliary equipment, such as. trailer.

In conclusion, from the formal side of hiring construction equipment is not a complicated task. After all, companies offering rentals care about reducing paperwork as much as possible and adapting to the needs of customers.