Rolling gates – the ideal solution for home and business

Rolling gates – the perfect solution for home and business

Rolling garage doors are also called roller shutters or louvered garage doors. They are used both in detached garages and residential buildings and utility rooms. External roller garage doors are an excellent solution for those with limited space.

They will perform equally well in all kinds of objects with difficult construction conditions. What else is worth knowing about them?

Roller garage doors

How they work rolling gates? Their sash during closing is wound on the drive shaft located in the cassette. This element is made of narrow profiles connected to each other with catches. Such a construction makes roll-up door with door is extremely easy to operate. Since the cassette is mounted above the garage entrance, it does not take up space under the ceiling or on the wall (we deal with this type of solution in the case of overhead and side sectional doors).

The above-mentioned profiles are most often produced from aluminum, which is characterized by resistance to damage and the effects of corrosion. The filling of this type of gates is usually polyurethane foam. The surface of the laths, on the other hand, is finished with epoxy paint, which is not damaged by UV radiation and is scratch-resistant.

Rolling garage doors can be mounted in 2 different ways – inside the garage or outside. Deciding on the second solution, you can gain a lot of valuable space. This type of gates will be especially appreciated by people whose garage also serves as a workshop or warehouse. In this case, the cassette is mounted on the outside wall of the garage.

External roller garage doors They have appropriate protection against both unauthorized persons and harmful effects of external factors such as precipitation, sunlight or temperature fluctuations.

Roller garage doors are very suitable for low lintels. During their opening and closing, the leaf does not occupy the space in front of the garage entrance, due to the fact that it moves in the vertical plane. It contributes to the comfort of the driveway. The purchase of such a gate can be decided, for example, by owners of sectional houses or those located on small plots of land.

What is important, roller garage doors Can be mounted regardless of the shape of the lintel. They are also applicable in the case of arched forms.

Roll-up gates are equipped with electric drive. In the absence of electric power, it is possible to operate them manually.

Industrial rolling gates

External roller garage doors They are used not only in private homes. They will work equally well for different types of businesses. They can be installed in a logistics center, cold storage or warehouse hall.

The multitude of available solutions allows you to adapt them to the characteristics of the object. Rolling gates Can be used in both new and renovated buildings.