How the technical acceptance of an apartment from the developer is carried out

How the technical acceptance of an apartment from the developer proceeds?

Your apartment is now ready for acceptance? In this case, it is worthwhile to prepare well for it! What we should remember then?

For many people, the technical acceptance of an apartment can be a stressful experience. Then it is also easy to make a mistake, that is, to confirm receipt in a situation where the property has visible defects. Therefore, it is better to prepare well for this procedure

What to pay attention to when picking up an apartment?

Acceptance of the apartment should be as thorough as possible. Therefore, it is worth reserving more free time for this procedure, as well as taking the right tools – a tape measure, level, flashlight. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the quality of the work done, but also to general issues, for example, to check the dimensions of the rooms in comparison with the dimensions given in the plan.

On the web you can find ready-made lists of those details that you should pay attention to when receiving a property from a developer.

Acceptance of the property with a professional

When we do not have experience in the construction and finishing industry, in this case we can ask for help from an expert, such as a builder friend. The help of a person who has the appropriate knowledge and experience will be invaluable in this situation. There are also companies in Poland that provide their services to customers taking back their apartments.

Then we can count on professional help – at a cost of about 200-500 zlotys, a specialist will meticulously inspect the property and point out all defects.

Protocol of acceptance of an apartment

The document that is prepared during the acceptance of an apartment is the so-called acceptance protocol. The document includes data on the outcome of this procedure, as well as indicating any defects that have been noted by the customer. According to the regulations, developers must read all the records of defects and then respond to them within 14 days. Then have 30 days to remove them at your expense.

What if the developer questions the reported defects? In such a situation, the case goes to court.