Building without a permit – what you should know

Building without a permit – what you should know?

You have a plot of land, but you are terrified by the enormity of the issues that need to be dealt with before standing a building on it? Did you know that there are regulations under which you can start construction without having to obtain time-consuming permits and pay high fees? See how to erect a residential building, avoiding excessive bureaucracy and gaining a lot of valuable time – welcome.

Amendment of the construction law

Due to changes made to the construction law, erecting a building does not always have to require a building permit. The key criterion in this case is its size. A small area becomes a pass to build without permits, only by making a notification to the relevant institutions.

The main difference between a permit and an application is the waiting time for a decision on the possibility of starting work – in the case of an application, it is shortened even by several weeks. In order for a building to be built without permits, as a rule, it should meet the following conditions: it should be a free-standing object with one-story features, and its area must not exceed 35 sqm. In addition, only one building can be built for each 500 sqm of land area.

Building start time!

According to the above rules, if you meet the above parameters and have waited 30 days from the date of submission of the application, it means that you have obtained from the district governor the so called “permit”. “tacit consent”. The lack of response is tantamount to the so-called “no response”. A positive decision, so we can start building a small house.

The method of construction is not precisely defined in the regulations, so it follows that we can use any construction materials https://www.bricomarche.en/building/construction-materials. The building can be made either on the basis of a wooden frame, or be built from scratch – at your discretion. Modern designs focus on high quality materials and ecological solutions, which are especially important when it comes to the choice of heating method.

The use of gas or electricity make it unnecessary to create a basement or boiler room, which can be found in old buildings.

For those who say that 35 m2 is not much, we remind you that this is about the basis. A typical solution for this type of construction is the creation of mezzanine floors, which successfully replace additional floors. Minimalist style and construction materials, such as wood or OSB, will work perfectly for erecting modern Scandinavian-style buildings, on the construction of which you can really save a lot of money compared to classic methods.

Contrary to popular belief, the construction of a small house is a really interesting alternative to apartments.