The most important advantages of galvanizing

The most important advantages of galvanization

There are many methods of galvanizing, and the process itself has found its application in a variety of technical fields. Its primary purpose is to protect metals from the effects of adverse external factors and mechanical damage. Hot-dip galvanizing also ensures the durability of soft alloys.

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Wanting to protect metal alloys from harmful factors, it is worth using professional services, experienced in this sector. There are many methods of galvanizing, and a description of them can be found at During the process, a steel coating is applied to the surface, resisting external influences and protecting the metal from corrosion.

Products are immersed in a solution of liquid zinc. However, the steel must be properly prepared before the bath itself, subjecting it to degreasing, etching and flux cycles. Each of them is used for different purposes:3

The degreasing process removes any dirt, formed during the production stage and during transport of the structure. The etching stage eliminates all signs of material deterioration. Fluxing protects the steel from chemical reactions that affect the material when hot-dip galvanizing is carried out

The structure of the coating being laid is complex. Adhering to the surface of the steel, the layer of iron (25%) and zinc (10%) has a small thickness. Another primer also consists of atoms of the previously used metal.

The last layer has a crystalline structure, and a zinc coating is usually laid on top of it.

Advantages of hot-dip galvanizing

The method is widely applicable and environmentally friendly. Among other advantages of the process, it is worth mentioning:

  • Extension of the protection time of building structures
  • Resistance to friction and external influences
  • optimal performance in contact with edges and voids
  • cathodic protection

Steel is one of the most durable construction elements. However, it is worth taking care of its proper protection. The galvanizing process is used by many companies, and its effects are long-lasting.

This is an excellent method, as for little money we can easily protect the metal from harmful external factors.