Four things you need to remember when choosing windows

Four things you need to remember when choosing windows. Which to opt for?

The purchase of windows is an important stage in the construction of any house. To choose the best product, it is worth figuring out which parameters determine the functionality and safety of use. Although windows may seem like a complicated product, in practice it is enough to assimilate basic information about their specifics.

Place of purchase

Poland is one of the largest producers of windows in Europe. Thanks to this, there are many local manufacturers in our country, from whom you can price and purchase both wooden and PVC windows. In addition, windows are available in large DIY stores, wholesalers, dealers and online sales.

The most important parameters of the windows

When choosing windows, the customer should pay special attention to three parameters: profile, glazing and hardware. As for the profile, you should always check what its width is and how many chambers are placed inside. Most manufacturers allow you to see a cross-section of the window profile.

It is then also worth paying attention to the steel reinforcement inside.

Another important parameter is glazing. Nowadays it is standard to order windows with a three-pane package, which guarantees the best thermal insulation. It is worth noting that the prices of triple-pane windows are not high, especially when you consider the long-term benefits you can get from triple-pane packages.

The fittings used are also of great importance, as they will determine whether the use of the windows will be comfortable and safe.

Factors affecting the price of windows

Today’s windows are a custom-made product, and therefore it is not possible to talk about rigid prices here. Many factors will influence the final cost estimate for windows:

  • Dimensions of the windows,
  • The color of the windows,
  • type of glazing,
  • Type of hardware,
  • type of installation,
  • Additional solutions such as fanlight openers or hygrostered ventilators.

What else you need to know when buying windows?

If the customer wants to find out how much the windows will cost him, he should go with the design of his house to the selected point of sale. Many companies also perform online pricing based on the uploaded window dimensions. Every customer should be aware that you will have to pay extra for additional functionality and non-standard solutions. And so windows in wood veneers are more expensive than white windows.

A higher price is also associated with windows in unusual shapes. You need to keep this in mind when the house has windows in the shape of arches, trapezoids or triangles.

Not all customers know that they can choose many types of non-standard glazing. They will be windows with a visual effect, so ornamental, mirrored or tinted windows. Some customers also decide to buy windows in which the panes have decorative muntins.

In addition, it is possible to order anti-burglary windows and those with an increased degree of soundproofing.

When we plan large terrace windows in the house, we can use an extremely convenient sliding system. In the case of terrace windows with a small width, a solution commonly referred to as a movable mullion is used, which means that when such a door is opened, we have free space.

When purchasing windows, it is convenient to order exterior and interior window sills at once. Many outlets also offer internal and external anti-burglary roller shutters. And don’t forget the important issue of window installation. It is recommended that this service be entrusted to professionals, who will perform the installation extremely efficiently, and the customer will thus gain a guarantee.

Some companies offer free installation in the raw state – it is worth asking about this issue at the stage of creating a cost estimate.