LED suspended ceiling – how to make it

LED suspended ceiling – how to make it?

Renovation of the apartment is the perfect time to upgrade the space undergoing renovation and introduce new solutions that will affect not only the visual aspects, but also its functionality. Suspended ceiling with LED lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a very practical solution. It is an extremely desirable decorative element, which, in addition to its decorative function, provides an additional source of light.

In this article we will show you how to make a suspended ceiling finished with led lighting yourself.

Suspended ceiling – Which LED lighting to choose?

There are many types available on the market led suspended ceiling . When planning to make a suspended ceiling, it is worth considering not only its design, but also what type of lamps will be installed in it. The options we can use are several. Led bulbs used to be popular, but they are slowly being abandoned in favor of LED tape.

It is a modern solution that can be easily customized.

The suspended ceiling, in which LED lighting has been placed, provides an additional source of light. The use of led tape allows you to illuminate previously inaccessible places in an atmospheric way. The ability to choose LED lamps with different light temperatures makes it possible for us to have a real impact on the atmosphere in the interior with their help.

A suspended ceiling will be an interesting solution in any room.

LED suspended ceiling – Why it is worth it?

Trends in the world of interior design are changing very dynamically. However, there are a few design elements that have been at the top of popularity for many seasons still. One of them is a suspended ceiling with LED lighting.

It is a universal solution that will perfectly blend into arrangements based on different styles. The freedom of use of this structure means that it can become a delicate detail of the visual setting of the room, but also can be its most important accent.

LED suspended ceiling is a great way to transform an ordinary room into something unusual. Its installation is not difficult, and the effect we can get is spectacular. Not only does it provide beautiful ambient lighting of different intensities, but it can also have a positive impact on the resources of your wallet.

If your room seems too high and therefore less cozy, you can effectively lower it with a suspended ceiling.

How to make a suspended LED ceiling

Making a suspended LED ceiling yourself is not a difficult task. Although it would seem to require a lot of complicated actions and professional knowledge and skills, in fact, virtually anyone is able to make it on their own at home. The basis of this ceiling is plasterboard, which is a relatively inexpensive material that is extremely simple to work with.

What the ceiling will look like depends largely on the height of the room. Its minimum height should reach 10-15 cm.

The creation of the ceiling should begin with the appropriate layout of the electrical system. Next, UD profiles are placed along the wall. Preparing a solid structure to hold the suspended ceiling is extremely important. For this reason, the next step will be to install special hangers in the middle of the ceiling, which will support the entire structure.

Gypsum boards, forming a suspended ceiling, are attached to a frame made of supporting profiles. After attaching the tiles and test switching on the lighting, you can move on to finishing and painting the ceiling.