Betafence – modern garden panels for private properties, businesses and warehouses

Betafence – modern garden panels for private properties, businesses and warehouses

Visually personalized fences guarantee the highest level of security and privacy for users. Betafence company has a range of high-quality fence panels. Their great advantage is that they can be customized according to your needs.

Both in terms of utility and aesthetics. Befance is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fencing, access control and detection systems. Betafence has comprehensive solutions in its offer. Advises, provides technical support, manufactures fence panels, offers their delivery and installation, after-sales care. Can you want anything more?

Betafence fencing systems are installed in such places as sports facilities, private properties (houses and gardens), industrial facilities (companies, warehouses), public institutions (schools, offices, parks), strategic facilities (airports, prisons), and infrastructure facilities (roads, railroads, rivers). Fence panels have different functions. It can be demarcation, delayed retreat, access control or detection.

The company has tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs.

Betafence fence panels – what makes them stand out?

Panel fences are now the highest standard when it comes to protecting both private properties and company sites or warehouses. Betafence panels combine high quality workmanship and very interesting aesthetics. With the help of a wide range of panel models, you can order a fence that will provide maximum privacy, while matching the architectural style of the house.

Fence panels will work very well to protect properties and private homes, housing estates, green spaces, industrial areas, public buildings and sports facilities.

Advantages of Betafence fence panels

Fence panels have the following advantages: high quality workmanship (the fence is durable and rigid, fence panels have a 20-year quality guarantee), protective coating (panels and all elements are galvanized and covered with PVC or polyester coating, this provides protection from adverse weather conditions, fence panels of this company have a very long life and do not need to be regularly maintained), fence systems are easy to transport and install. It is also worth mentioning that the panels come in many colors and designs. This makes it easy to have one that will be consistent with the architecture of virtually any home.