Bidet in the bathroom – is it worth installing, what to pay attention to

Bidet in the bathroom – is it worth installing, what to pay attention to

Although bidets are still a novelty, they can increasingly be found in modern bathrooms. In the following text we will answer some questions about the bidet, suggest what to pay attention to when buying it.

What is a bidet and what is it used for?

The main role of the bidet is to provide intimate hygiene. However, this is not its only functionality. Manufacturers wanting to encourage customers to purchase and install a bidet point out at least three practical applications for what it can do.
1. The first is the ability to wash the feet themselves in it. This option can come in handy for both young and elderly people with mobility difficulties who don’t want to use the tub every time.
2. Another equally popularly indicated use is the use of a bidet, like a sink for washing hands by small children. As you know, the youngest household members always have a problem reaching the sink.
3. Less known, but also practiced is washing the beard in the bidet.

Bidet is not at all an invention of recent years

History tells us that the first bidets appeared in France as early as the 17th century and were initially reserved practically for the social elite. Interestingly, they were placed in the bedroom, and not, as is the case today, in the bathroom. They came to Poland in the 19th century, but their popularity was severely limited by World War II.
After its completion, Poland was in reconstruction for many years. People enjoyed every meter of the apartment and bidets were not in their heads. Only in the last 20-30 years has it once again found its way into bathrooms, and not just into very modern interiors.

What bidets we will meet in stores?

Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures give their customers an increasingly wide range of models and variants. For example,
Hoff showroom bidets we can divide into:
– classic, equipped with a bidet faucet,
– suspended or standing bidets,
– with a shower, the bidet comes with a handset similar to the one known from the cabin. Thanks to it, it is possible to expand functionality with, for example, the already mentioned foot washing.
– 2-in-1 versions, which will work well in a small bathroom, where there is not enough space.

Hanging bidets vs. standing bidets

The choice of bidet should be dictated by the how big our bathroom is. In small bathrooms, it is necessarily more difficult to have an ideal solution, but this does not mean that we can not enjoy a bidet in a small space. Hanging bidets have the advantage that their installation method is very discreet and is based on a flush-mounted rack.

As a result, a suspended bidet takes up less space and it is easier to maintain cleanliness under it.

How to choose a good bidet?

Like a toilet it is made of sanitary ceramics. The most common color is white, although nothing stands in the way of a pastel or even black bidet in your bathroom. When choosing the right model, you should pay attention to the installation of the bidet, which will allow you to determine the appropriate height of the bidet. This will make its use comfortable regardless of the height of the household members. The second extremely important issue is the protective coating, which protects us from any microorganisms.

This is especially important when there are small children in the house.
The ideal situation is when we can purchase a bidet together with a toilet, because then we have the chance to choose models from the same stylistic line, so they will fit very well together. Otherwise, it remains to look for a bidet similar to the already standing toilet.
If only we have the possibility, or rather space, let’s make sure that the toilet and bidet away from each other, but also from the wall or washing machine by a minimum of 30 cm. This will allow its comfortable use. Do not forget that the bidet requires a supply of not only cold, but also hot water.

In addition, you will also need a separate sewage approach. This is important because the decision to insert a bidet may involve a small renovation of the bathroom.