Folding sofa in the living room

Folding sofa in the living room

Decorating an apartment is a difficult and time-consuming job, but immensely rewarding. The choice of furniture, accessories and all kinds of decorations, is able to really transform the interior design and give it character. Today it is no longer at all necessary to choose between comfort, functionality and aesthetics in the selection of appropriate furniture, including sofas.

A sofa bed for the living room can successfully combine all these features, and at the same time serve you for many years. All this, however, provided that you choose it properly and take enough time to find the perfect sofa. Despite appearances, it is really possible – the assortment of furniture stores, especially the good ones, is really impressive.

You can have all this without even having to leave home.

  1. Choosing a sofa bed for the living room
  2. Functionality and design
  3. Arrangement ideas
  4. Folding sofa for a small living room
  5. Types of sofa beds

How to choose a sofa bed for the living room?

A sofa bed is nothing more than a sofa for the living room, but additionally equipped with sleeping functions. This is a very convenient 2-in-1 piece of furniture – in this way you not only get a functional piece of living room furniture – ideal for receiving guests and developing social and family life in the living room, but also a place to sleep at night. This is especially important in those homes where it is important to maximize the use of space, so that everyone has their own corner, and at the same time it is a functional place and does not give the impression of a cluttered room. Choose a sofa for the living room, following a few guidelines.

Above all, it has to be comfortable, even more so if it is not going to serve as a piece of furniture for sleeping not only occasionally, but every night. Also be guided by aesthetic considerations – after all, the living room is a representative place in your home, so this is very important.

Folding sofa in the living room – functionality and design

A sofa bed in the living room can be a great combination of functionality and design. It all depends on you and whether you make the right choice. You need to carefully balance all aspects, so that in the long-term use of the sofa does not turn out that in terms of design it can not be accused of anything, but for sleeping it is more an instrument of torture than a comfortable place of rest. On the other hand, it may also turn out that a very comfortable sofa, on which one sleeps pleasantly, is ugly and deters with its appearance, making the living room look neglected, badly decorated, or arranged haphazardly and without an idea.

Each of these options is wrong, each of them has its own disadvantages, which are best eliminated as soon as possible. That’s why it’s worth spending some time to find the perfect piece of furniture. It is very important, both for your well-being and for the appearance of the entire living room.

Folding sofa in the living room – design ideas

Arranging a sofa bed in the living room requires some thought. It is perfect for separating the relaxation area from the – for example, – dining area, or the more formal one – the latter is important especially for those who work a lot at home, but can not afford their own office. The sofa can also be one of the central pieces of furniture in the entire living room – a place where the whole family gathers to watch TV together and just be in each other’s company. Arrangement ideas largely depend on the space you can manage.

It is also important to arrange the sofa in such a way as to at least try to separate the living area from the night area – so that unfolding it and going to bed does not negatively affect the rest of the room and does not reduce the functionality of the living room.

A sofa bed in a small living room

For small living rooms, or – more broadly – small apartments – a sofa bed is perfect. In a small living room, it will utilize the space in the best possible way, and at night it will turn into a comfortable bed, which will allow you to further save valuable space. With a properly selected and positioned sofa, a small living room can appear a little larger, and at the same time be really very functional and 100 percent of its functions. It is very important to choose its size – too massive can give the impression of cluttering free space, too small, on the other hand, will not be a comfortable place to sleep.

Its placement is also of great importance – ideally, it should be a place where the unfolded sofa will not disturb anyone, so it will do poorly in the middle of a small room.

Types of sofa beds for the living room

There is no one-size-fits-all sofa bed for the living room. They differ significantly – color, the material from which they are made, the degree of hardness, as well as design. What distinguishes them very strongly from each other is also the way they are unfolded. Among others, there are distinguishing folding mechanisms of the type:

  • dolphin,
  • belgian (sedak)
  • italian
  • leopard/puma
  • cart
  • DL

Each of these types has its own advantages and will work well in certain types of rooms. For small living rooms, it is best to choose a small sofa that does not unfold in a way that hogs the space – so always check how the sofa unfolds and its dimensions when unfolded before you buy it.