Flangeless undermount toilet bowls – a combination of timeless design and functionality

Flangeless undermount toilet bowls – a combination of timeless design and functionality

Modern flangeless toilet bowls have a great impact on easier maintenance of the bathroom and greater water savings when flushing it daily. For this reason, flangeless toilet bowls are increasingly appearing in carefully designed bathrooms, which are distinguished by their functionality and designer appearance. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that suspended toilet bowls are of particular interest, which, due to their minimalist design, prove to be a noteworthy choice for both larger and smaller bathrooms.

What else distinguishes flangeless suspended toilet bowls and for whom they will be an ideal choice?

Modern underslung bowls with flangeless design – what are their main advantages?

Since the renovation and thoughtful furnishing of the bathroom are among the investments that are made once every dozen years or so, investors are very often interested in functional and great-looking solutions that provide high comfort in the daily use of the bathroom. For this reason, flangeless suspended toilet bowls, which impress with their modern appearance and carefully designed construction, enjoy unflagging popularity. This type of models is offered, among others, by the Laufen brand in collections such as Laufen PRO and Kartell-Laufen.

They are distinguished by their well-thought-out design, as well as the presence of simple, modern shapes that look great in bathrooms of different styles.

Modern suspended bowls with flangeless design

What’s more, a unique advantage of suspended toilet bowls from the Kartell-Laufen collection turns out to be the possibility of choosing different colors, for example, matte or high-gloss black, matte graphite, gray and white. Such a large selection of fashionable colors makes flangeless suspended toilet bowl becomes not only a functional element of the bathroom equipment, but also part of its design, which adds character to the room. In addition, it is worth mentioning that both bowls from the Laufen PRO and Kartell-Laufen collections are available with a special Laufen Clean Coat, which refines the surface of the ceramics.

Thanks to this, we get a perfectly smooth surface of the bowl, which turns out to be easier to clean.

What distinguishes rimless toilet bowls?

The modern flushless suspended toilet bowl is an option that appears in many of the collections offered by the Laufen brand; including toilets from The New Classic, Laufen PRO and Kartell-Laufen collections. This makes it easy for investors to match the style and finish of the rimless bowl to their expectations and needs. In addition, the flangeless design allows you to minimize the space where bacteria, limescale and all sorts of contaminants have previously accumulated.

It makes regular cleaning of the toilet take less time and involves less use of cleaning products.

rimless toilet bowls

It is also worth mentioning that, when completed with a dedicated concealed installation frame that supports the 3/4.5-liter flush function, rimless toilet bowls allow you to reduce the amount of flushed water, and their flangeless design means that the water is accurately distributed around the bowl’s perimeter. This type of innovative flushing system ensures that the bowl is rinsed clean using only 3/4.5 liters of water. As a result, householders have a say in their daily water consumption, which they can significantly reduce and thus gain greater monthly savings, as well as contribute to caring for the environment.

Neoclassical rimless toilet bowls from The New Classic collection – in which bathrooms they work best?

In addition to the modern collections mentioned earlier, the Laufen brand also offers unique suspended toilet bowls from The New Classic collection. They are distinguished by their neoclassical design and come in the color of traditional white or in white matte. It is worth mentioning at the same time that the classic color of the bowls, combined with an extremely elegant shape, adds an unusual expression to the bathroom and makes the flangeless suspended toilet bowl a great addition to the entire arrangement.